iKOU Rituals

Rituals are at the heart of the iKOU home spa and wellness experience. They take the process of “using products” to a conscious and mindful level, creating the complete Day Spa experience at home.

What do you need more of in 2022 to support your wellbeing?

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The questions in our quiz will guide you through a journey of analysing how you are feeling and connect you with how you would like to feel.

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iKOU Rituals


If you are feeling off track with your wellbeing, tired and stressed and not sure where to start, then start with sleep! Sleep is our Number #1 iKOU Wellness Tip?

When you are exhausted, you can't function to your full potential, and this impacts every other aspect of your life and health!

If you're wondering "How can I sleep better?" This section is for you!

Discover our Sleep Ritual


Want to learn some of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety to feel calm?

Stress doesn’t only affect your mind, it also shows on your skin.
Many skin conditions like eczema, dry and sensitive skin are caused by stress, and it also speeds up ageing- so learning ways to reduce stress and increase feelings of relaxation can also protect the wellbeing of your skin!

At iKOU we believe home spa, self-care rituals are the best way to de-stress skin, mind & body!

Discover our De-Stress Rituals


If you live a busy life it is easy for stress to build up to feelings of overwhelm.

Create regular short pauses, or "rituals" to reset your nervous system at regular intervals throughout the day.

Discover our De-Stress On the Go Ritual


Feeling stressed at work? This section is for you!

- Learn how to boost your focus and inspiration at work.

- Feel less stressed, even when your to-do list is never ending.

- Reset your energy during a mid-afternoon slump.

Discover our De-Stress at Work Ritual


We all enjoy life more and feel less stress when we have time for self each day.

But many of us lament “When is it my turn? I’m so stressed, I just don’t have time!”

iKOU aims to inspire daily moments of self-care. Regular breathing space each day helps to maintain stress levels, release tension and restore perspective.

And, the good news is, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time!

Discover our Find Time for You Ritual


Hands up if you say regularly, “I’ve got absolutely nothing left to give!”

Do you often feel like your brain is so full you just can’t take another thing in?

Do you kick off your shoes at night and feel like you can’t take another step?

Discover our Restore Energy Ritual


Experiencing challenging times, or loss of any kind changes you.

Whether it’s feelings of grief from losing a loved one, a relationship breakup, constant stress, financial difficulties.

In times like this the first thing most of us do is close our heart. We close it to shield it from more pain.

But in closing our heart to pain, we also close it to feeling pleasure.

Discover our Healing Heart Ritual


The key to results when we exercise is consistency.

The quicker we recover, the more consistently we can get back to more, build intensity and improve.

We all know the rules:
Train, eat, sleep, repeat.

Want to learn how to recover more quickly so you can maintain consistency?

Discover our Exercise Ritual


Social media and beauty/ fashion marketing would tell us beauty is perfection in how we look.But at iKOU, we believe true beauty comes from how you “FEEL”.

When you FEEL fantastic, have a sparkle in your eye and are confident in your own skin, it radiates from you like a magnetic, joyful glow.

Discover our Feel Beautiful Again Ritual


Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Can you feel yourself unable to focus on anything but your racing brain and heart, and you feel as if your head is disconnected to your body?

When we are in "fight or flight mode" our body switches off our pleasure connections which it feels aren't needed, and instead gives all our energy to thinking through our action plan to run from danger.

Once we are in that state, it may feel impossible to wind down.

But there are ways to reset and harmonise mind and body.

Discover our Ground & Balance Ritual