Rituals are at the heart of the iKOU home spa and wellness experience. They take the process of “using products” to a conscious and mindful level, creating the complete Day Spa experience at home.

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iKOU Rituals


If you are feeling off track with your wellbeing, tired and stressed and not sure where to start - start with SLEEP!

When we are exhausted, we can't function to our full potential, and this impacts every other aspect of our life and health.

If you're wondering "How can I sleep better?" - this ritual is for you.


Stress not only affects our mind, it also affects our skin.

Many skin conditions like eczema, dry and sensitive skin are caused by stress,
and it also speeds up the ageing process - so learning ways to reduce stress and increase feelings of relaxation can protect the vitality and wellbeing of your skin!


iKOU Energy Rituals replenish and restore your motivation and clarity.

Even if you have a busy life and don't have a lot of free time to stop, you can enjoy these simple actions to clear your mind.

Feel a sense of freedom and rise above feelings of stress with renewed energy!


It's time to nurture your soul and receive gentle care.

Stress robs us of the connection with our soft side that connects us with feelings of softness, radiance and joy.

These rituals are based on sensory scents to nurture your inner soft side- with the benefits of white flannel flower and rose left lingering on your skin as you go about your day with a gentle smile on your face. Are you ready to start giving some time to YOU?


It's time to step into "YOU" and set up a sanctuary by creating a day spa environment you can retreat to at home. Choose a regular day of the week to dedicate to caring for your skin, mind and body as a whole. Give the day a name so you make it a regular pattern.

At iKOU- we celebrate "Sunday Spa Day"- as a day to dedicate at least
an hour to a spa and wellness ritual. It's a beautiful treat to look forward to each week, and you'll be amazed how radiant your skin can be transformed with a little time and care.