Hands on heart,
Take a deep breath...
I am calm
I am grounded
I am centred

When was the last time you felt truly relaxed, free and balanced?

Stress not only affects our mind, it also affects our skin. Many skin conditions like eczema, dry and sensitive skin are caused by stress,
and it also speeds up the ageing process - so learning ways to reduce stress and increase feelings of relaxation can protect the vitality and wellbeing of your skin!

You are worthy of time to relax.
You cannot give to others unless you refill your own tank.
You deserve to feel moments of joy each day.

Watch Naomi's video where she shares her favourite rituals to reduce stress and overwhelm, and listen to our De-Stress meditation.

01. Create a day spa at home

Calm skin, mind and body with our De-Stress your Life kit. Including step-by-step ritual instructions for a complete "spa experience" .

02. Enjoy a weekly body scrub

Create the day spa experience at home to de-stress skin and mind. With hydrating benefits of jojoba and lavender and orange to calm and boost feelings of happiness.

03. Hydrate thirsty skin

Did you know when your skin is dry and tight it's harder for your mind to feel relaxed? Add a body souffle to your daily regime and feel your whole body receive the calm.

04. Soak away your cares

An aromatherapy bath has the power to completely transform the way you feel. Replenish magnesium and absorb the aromatherapy with our De-Stress blend.

05. Breathe the calm

Aromatherapy has the power to change the way you feel. Diffusing De-Stress oil in a diffuser fills the air with a relaxing aroma that sets the tone for your mood.

06. Feel the calm

Turn your evening skincare regime into a relaxing facial massage with our Baobab & Neroli Calming Face oil. The divine scent of neroli calms both skin and mind.

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De-Stress Your Life Pack | $99.95

Designed to be used in a series of self-care treatments or as a complete head-to-toe home spa experience.

All of the organic skincare and body care products in this kit have been chosen to hydrate, heal and protect all skin types including dry, sensitive and stressed skin. Pack includes:

  • De-Stress natural wax aromatherapy candle
  • iKOU Revitalising Deep Conditioner sachet
  • Italian Orange & Jojoba Body Buff
  • Organic De-Stress Body Souffle 
  • Recovery Creme Cleanser
  • Ultra Radiance Face Polish 
  • Baobab & Neroli Calming Face Oil
  • “Rest & Relax” Herbal Tea