iKOU Deliveries are proudly 100% Carbon Neutral!

As part of our initiatives to be a "Business that benefits all" - iKOU is proud to announce that all our deliveries are 100% CARBON-NEUTRAL!

The environmental projects we support for carbon-neutral status are in Indonesia, South East Asia and Papua New Guinea and protect biodiverse rainforests and vital peatland habitats from mass deforestation for plantations like Palm-Oil - an ingredient commonly used in the skincare industry, and one we proudly do not use as part of our ethics at iKOU- we are 100% Palm Oil-free.

Protecting this land helps combat climate change and also protects vulnerable, endangered species including orangutangs.

We hope it makes you feel really good to know that every time you place an order with iKOU, it is making a difference to the future of the planet!