What makes iKOU Natural Shampoo & Conditioner Different?

We have blended our formulations not just for hair and scalp benefits , but also MIND BENEFITS.

The health of our hair and scalp is often linked to our stress levels.
Stress can cause hair to become dull and lifeless, and the scalp to become flaky, itchy and irritated by depleting the natural protective oils.

iKOU has specifically formulated natural haircare based around essential oils to revitalise body and mind,  inspire a sense of freedom from stress and balance and restore a shiny lustre to hair and a clear, healthy scalp.

Our Key Aromatherapy Ingredients:

- Australian Fragonia: Described as an oil of “golden proportions” for its perfect balance, it also balances the skin and the emotions. With similar anti-bacterial qualities as tea tree, but without the harshness, this is a beautiful choice to use for balancing the scalp and the mind.

- Bergamot: Restoring and calming, encourages the release of pent up feelings and helps us relax and let go. Researched for its excellent success in treating psoriasis and scalp conditions.

- Cedarwood: Reduces stress and tension, comforts, grounds and gives resilience in times of stress. Studies have found it be successful in treating dandruff and strengthening hair growth.