If you are feeling off track with your wellbeing, tired and stressed and not sure where to start?

Start with SLEEP!

When we are exhausted, we can't function to our full potential, and this impacts every other aspect of our life and health.

If you're wondering "How can I sleep better?" - this ritual is for you.

Start with our meditation below, and then watch our video for more tips!

01. Create a sanctuary

Keep the lighting low in your bedroom in the evenings and mist your bedlinen with iKOU Linen Mist Spray to create a calming environment, promoting a sense of peace with soothing Lavender and Geranium oils.

02. Essential oils

Incorporate aromatherapy into your pre-sleep routine by diffusing iKOU “Rest” oil next to your bed - expertly blended based on aromatherapy research to support good sleep patterns and assist with insomnia or restless sleep. 

03. Have a hot bath

Studies have found having a hot bath 1-2 hours before bed assists with falling asleep. It raises the body temperature, which drops rapidly when you get out of the bath, stimulating the release of melatonin (the sleep hormone).

04. Sip a herbal tea

iKOU Rest & Relax tea is a soothing blend of organic, herbal lavender & chamomile tea to wind down before bed (you can also keep a cooled glass of this tea next to the bed to sip on if you wake in the night).

05. Keep a rollette close

Keep an iKOU Sleepyhead Aromatherapy Rollette next to your bed and apply to your temples, under your nose and on your chest before you go to bed, and - again if you wake up during the night.

06. Put on an eye mask

A snugly fitting eye mask assists with sleep, not only because of the blackout of light but also because the snug binding of the head switches off the cycle of thinking (in yoga, they call it the “monkey mind”).

Let go of your worries and allow your body and mind the rest it needs and deserves.

Tomorrow is a new day…

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Ultimate Sleep Remedy Ritual Kit | $99.00

This Ultimate Sleep Remedy Ritual kit includes everything you need to create a soothing sleep ritual based on aromatherapy and herbs well researched to promote a great nights sleep.


- Sleep Tips and link to free sleep meditation.

- Grey linen blend Eye Mask (super soft!)

- Rest essential oil

- 125g De-Stress aromatherapy Bath Salt

- De-Stress Room & Linen Mist 12ml

- Rest & Relax Herbal Tea infusion

- Sleepyhead Aromatherapy pulse point roll-on