"In a customer survey of 1321 people, 91% saw visible results in just 2 weeks whilst 55% reported visible results in just 3 days."

Do you want to LOVE your skin?

Are you searching for an Australian Skincare range that is organic, pure and delivers FAST results for healthy, radiant skin?

Take the iKOU 2-Week Skincare Challenge for results you can see - FAST!

Watch my video to learn how the 2 Week Skincare Challenge works. I'll show you everything that's in the kit, how to use it and why I know you'll love the results!


What results will I experience?

The iKOU 2 week challenge is suitable for all skin types—even the most sensitive—and after just two weeks of nourishing your skin, you’ll experience a smoother, more hydrated and radiant complexion.

Want to see the results from others who have taken the challenge? In a customer survey of 1321 people, 91% saw visible results in just 2 weeks, whilst 55% reported visible results in just 3 days.

What do I get in my 2-Week Challenge Kit?

The iKOU Pure Results Organic Skincare Ritual Kit contains everything you need, with 7 of our key iKOU products that work synergistically together to nourish and nurture your skin:

1 x Recovery Face Cleansing Creme 30mL

1 x Ultra Radiance Face Polish 10mL

1 x Age-Defying Radiance Face Masque 10mL

1 x Peptides + Multi-Action Serum 5mL

1 x Baobab & Neroli Face Oil

1 x Phyto + Antioxidant Day Creme 10mL

1 x Nutrient + Age-Defying Night Creme 10mL

How do I start the challenge?

You can join the challenge at any time. You start by ordering your iKOU Organic Skincare Ritual kit. Put everything else you’ve been using away and set up your iKOU products out on a tray in your bathroom.

For the duration of the challenge, use only iKOU products on your skin. You can add additional products from the iKOU range into the challenge, the key is to use iKOU exclusively for the best results. We recommend you take a before-and-after photo so you can see your results.

Why is this the best organic skincare for high-performance results?

Each formula is created using pure, natural ingredients- but iKOU isn’t just aromatherapy based as many organic skincare formulations are, we also use active phytonutrients from wild-harvested Australian fruit and flower extracts. Australia boasts some of the most potent superfoods and plants in the world, and we’ve harnessed their incredible extracts- the natural compounds that protect the plants- in our formulas.

iKOU maintains the potency of these extracts by not using heat during production- setting a new benchmark for what’s possible with high-performance, truly organic skincare.

Already using iKOU skincare but not a full regime?

Take the 2 week Challenge by filling in the gaps and seeing the difference when you use iKOU products exclusively for 2 weeks.

You’ll be AMAZED at the difference.

If you want to upsize or complete your regime, you can supercharge your challenge with our customer-favourite The Core 4.

The Core 4 includes FULL SIZES of; Recovery Face Cleansing Crème, Peptides+ Multi-Action Serum, Baobab and Neroli Calming Face Oil, Phyto+ Antioxidant Day Creme. It also includes a mini Face Polish, Radiance Masque and Night Creme PLUS a luxurious white cotton face cloth.

Everything you need!

Extend your skincare regime into your makeup routine

100% Pure, natural earth-derived mineral makeup - “Makeup that cares for your skin”.

iKOU is well known for our range of “Pure Results Skincare”, which is based on Australian wild-harvested ingredients to deliver healthy, radiant skin.

We are proud to extend our range to include makeup that protects the results achieved from our skincare by working in harmony with the natural balance of the skin.