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  • Close your eyes

  • Place your hands on your heart

  • Inhale slowly

  • Exhale slowly

  • Feel your breath fill right down to your belly

  • Feel your tension let go

  • Imagine your breath going down to your feet

  • Connecting and grounding with the Earth

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?
Can you feel yourself unable to focus on anything but your racing brain and heart, and you feel as if your head is disconnected to your body?

When you are in “flight or flight mode” our body switches off our pleasure connections which it feels aren't needed, and instead gives all our energy to thinking through our action plan to run from danger.

Once we are in that state, it may feel impossible to wind down.

You may feel you don’t have time to stop, but your body is sending you a message you need to listen to.


1.    Stop for a moment. Close your eyes, either lie down on your back, or sit tall through your spine.
2.    Place your hands on your heart or your belly. 
3.    Breathe slowly and deeply in through the nose, right down into your belly. Let go of any gripping in your belly and allow it to expand and let go as it fills with your breath.
4.    Breathe out through your mouth, allowing your belly to fall back to its natural position.
5.    Get into a pattern of taking at least 10 breaths regularly. It’s a great way to start or end the day and also to reset your emotions during moments of overwhelm.


Notes from Founder & iKOU Product Creator, Naomi:
iKOU “Ground & Balance” is one of the blends I love most.

It is blended to harmonise emotions- connecting with feelings of strength and grounding, balanced with softness and joy.

I created this one for the times your mind is so busy you feel like you've lost connection with your body and can’t switch off.

This divine smelling blend  includes notes of Cardamom, Cedarwood and Patchouli ground you and remove the feelings of flightiness.
The Orange releases worry and reminds us it will all be okay.
The Ylang Ylang connects with feelings of inner joy and your soft feminine side.

I use this blend in a diffuser or onto my skin when I feel disconnected with the relaxed version of "me" to transform my mood and feel great.

Body exfoliation creates a shift in our mindset through stimulating circulation and shifting energy.
iKOU offers two blends to choose your aromatherapy mood:
-    Italian orange & Jojoba with lavender to de-stress and calm.
-    Lemon Myrtle & Tahitian lime to refresh and energise.

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