Meditations by iKOU

A mindful moment to go within..
Connect with your breath
Feel the calm.


In this moment..
Find yourself.

There is a profound power in your breathing..
The shift that comes from quietening and slowing your mind.

Enjoy exploring the the world of “Meditations by iKOU”.

Each one has been mindfully curated with a specific focus on matching the intentions of our most-popular iKOU essential oil blends.

Whether you are seeking to de-stress, to benefit from deeper sleep or to renew your energy- there is a meditation for you.

Consistent daily practice can be transformative.
Challenge yourself to try just one each day.

Please enjoy this gift for “you” to calm your mind and connect with inner peace and contentment.

x Naomi

De-Stress Meditation by iKOU

Duration: 5 Minutes

Give 5 minutes to “YOU".

If you are feeling stressed- take a moment wherever you are.

Allow this soothing meditation and guided breath work to slow down your racing heart and mind.

Be transported to a place of calm..where time slows down..And everything feels lighter.

Start your meditation below.

Ground & Balance

When was the last time you felt truly relaxed, free and balanced?


Sleep Meditation

Quieten your mind as you drift into deep healing sleep.


Walk in the Forest

Clear your mind and breathe in a sense of wellness.

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