Eco-Luxury Aromacology Natural Candle Glasses

Eco-Luxury Aromacology Natural Wax Candle Glasses

The superior grade, heavy glasses are designed in opaque white with light-reflecting benefits, creating a bright ambience while filling the room with luxuriously layered essential oil based scents.iKOU Eco-Luxury Aromacology Natural Wax Candle Glasses feature crisp white, matte hexagonal gift boxes with silver-foil embossing, origami lids and Chromology colour coding.  
iKOU natural wax candles are renowned for quality and purity, made with 100% natural wax, that is ethically sourced. We hand-pour our natural wax candle glasses in our Studio in the beautiful Blue Mountains, Australia, offsetting production with Solar & Wind Power.

HAND - POURED in the Blue Mountains, Australia  .  100% Natural wax candle glasses 

*Note: Many "natural candles" in the marketplace including those labelled "soy candles" may contain a percentage of natural wax, but iKOU is one of the only options that are guaranteed "100% Paraffin-Free". (Our candles are also Vegan + GM Free).