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5 Things you won’t believe about iKOU Makeup!

By Naomi Whitfeld Seperating dot 15.02.2023

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I’ve just gotten back from Byron Bay- a creative trip for a photo shoot.

Something that happened during the shoot inspired me so much I felt driven to write and share the story!

This same experience happens every time we have a photo shoot, and it makes me feel so proud.

It’s a story about iKOU Makeup!

We had a model for this shoot, so booked a makeup artist.
The first thing I asked her was “Are you comfortable working with our iKOU Makeup?” Because I love being authentic in our photos being real.

She said “Yes- I would be happy to use your makeup.”
When she arrived I showed her how quick it was to use.
She asked if it needed a special base or concealers , and I said “No, just hydrate with our iKOU Neroli Oil underneath.”

As she started to use it, her jaw dropped and she said “Oh my god- THIS MAKEUP IS AMAZING! I can’t believe the coverage and how glowing it makes her skin look!”

One by one, all of us- model, iKOU team and photographic crew all said “this is what I wear” and everyone started sharing their stories of why they LOVE iKOU makeup.

I’ve noticed there are 5 common things that literally everyone says (from models, to makeup artists, to busy mums) they can’t believe was possible until they tried iKOU makeup.

Here’s the 5 things you won’t believe (but will love) about iKOU makeup:

1. It’s SO quick!
2. No special skills needed. (All you need is a brush.)
3. It’s “no-makeup makeup”- it doesn’t look like you are wearing anything but make your skin look great.
4. It’s makeup that cares for your skin (not just not damaging, but actually positive benefits to boost skin health)
5. Did you know our iKOU models are wearing iKOU makeup in all our recent photo shoots- nothing else on their skin! (We even use our blush and bronzer for their eye shadow!)

I felt so proud hearing everyone at our shoot sharing their love for our makeup.
It particularly touched me that it made everyone feel equally good- from a busy mum of 3 (who was working with us with a little baby strapped to her front) to a model who wanted makeup that boosted her skin health because of the damage makeup from shoots does, to an expert makeup artist.

And honestly- this experience happens EVERY TIME!

Here’s a 5-Star review from the makeup artist from our shoot last year:

I KNOW you'll love it as much as we all do! We can't wait to hear your feedback.

You can shop the range below, and learn a little more about Mineral Makeup too!

x Naomi


Learn More About Mineral Makeup
What is Mineral Makeup?

True mineral makeup is exactly as the name suggests- it’s made with pure, natural minerals from the earth!
The benefits of these minerals goes beyond just looking good- they actually do good for your skin as well. Ingredients like zinc are anti-inflammatory which make them fabulous for sensitive skin.

And, they also have natural sun-protection benefits.
Being made with 100% pure, natural minerals- iKOU Mineral Makeup truly is “makeup that cares for your skin!"

Do I need to use a liquid foundation in conjunction with the powder foundation?
No- iKOU Mineral Powder Foundation is a concealer, foundation and powder all in one! The application is buildable so if you want to increase the coverage, simply apply more.

Is Mineral Makeup really better for your skin?
Not always! Just because makeup is called “Mineral Makeup” doesn’t mean it’s pure! Many mineral powders contain talc or fillers and colours and aren’t pure minerals at all. Others use nano-particle technology which many experts say are a health-risk as they can enter your bloodstream.

Does mineral makeup powder make wrinkles look worse?

iKOU Mineral Powder Foundations is perfect for all ages! The difference with our powders is they are are made using 100% pure, natural minerals, no fillers or talc, so they don’t look dry on your skin..

They even skin tone by reflecting light rather than giving a heavy, “cakey” appearance as some mineral powders do. EXTRA TIP: To make your finish even more dewy and hydrated just mist with IKOU Optimum Hydration Face Mist.