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This is the printable download journal page from pages 256/257 in my book "iKOU- ENERGISE YOUR LIFE".

The idea is to print and journal your wellness patterns for 4 weeks to see how your daily patterns make a difference!

Our daily actions make up the sum of our life, and by keeping a record we can easily see what things are draining our life and what things are energising it- and adjust accordingly.

If you have a day you feel flat or lacking energy, reference the previous day or two and you will most likely find that by changing your actions you will be able to feel energised and inspired.

Example, fuelling your body better, getting to bed earlier, drinking more water, consuming less alcohol/ caffeine.

The key is to be honest with yourself in your recording and your analysis.

Then on daily reflection use this information for 3 things.

1. STOP: What things do you need to stop doing that are exhausting you?

2. START: What things can you change in your life and start doing to make you feel great?

3. CONTINUE: What things are really working for you that you want to continue the habit of no matter how busy you are?

Examples would be:

I want to stop winding down with a glass or two of wine each night, I want to start using meditation to relax and I want to continue my morning exercise regime.

- It takes time to build new habits, so stick with it even if it feels difficult to stay on track some times!

- Remind yourself what these new patterns achieve for you in the way you feel based on the results you have journaled.

- Tell others what your goals are. As humans we don't like failure, so making our goals public will mean we are more likely to stick to them.

I'd love to hear how you are going and the positive change you have experienced in your life as a result of my book.

These are the things that really make a difference in my own life to help me de-stress, create abundant energy and enjoy every precious day no matter how busy it is.

I hope these tools help you make 2020 the year to "Energise your life"!!

You can email me at: fanmail@iKOU.com.au


x Naomi


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