iKOU aims to be a business that leaves the world a better place, creating a lasting positive effect in peoples lives and on the environment. It starts with our guests and extends globally, benefiting all along the supply chain and beyond. iKOU is socially responsible, and community focused, supporting many charities, projects and initiatives as well as having a culture of care on a ground roots individual level.

Creating happiness and positive life patterns by making time for the daily rituals of relaxation is the very foundation that iKOU is all about.
iKOU has developed a unique customer service standard called “The Pure Experience". Customers are welcomed as “Guests" and given cups of herbal tea as they enjoy our interactive shopping experience. Guests are encouraged to take the time to step out of their busy lives (to rest, relax, restore), which enhances their lives and those around them.

With the opportunity to learn about environmental and health impacts of alternative chemical based products, iKOU guests are empowered with ethical choice and aligning with a brand that stands for positive impact.
iKOU strives to be a role model to encourage other businesses to factor social responsibility and environmental sustainability into business practice. We aim to act as an Ambassador by showcasing our successfulness as being an ethical but profitable and fast-growing business, demonstrating that you can create a business where “everyone can win.”

Products in our store that are not made in house are chosen on the merit of having a great story of ‘giving back’ down the supply chain, supporting artisans, family businesses, charity and community projects. Where products are sourced overseas, iKOU ensure that suppliers adhere to ethical principles.
iKOU is continuously looking at ways that they can support community, both locally and globally. The projects we support vary according to synchronicity, and some of our past projects have included:

iKOU Lanterns of Hope project, which supports HIV positive women in South Africa. These women in Cape Town are engaged in low impact craft activities, in which they can be trained quickly and effectively and the products easily made at home. Making the crafts gives a sense of achievement along with providing therapeutic value and may even be continued should their health deteriorate, allowing a desperately needed source of income to continue. The project provides skills and a regular, sustainable income but more importantly it facilitates empowerment through the women’s ability to support themselves and their families.

iKOU Global Artisans project working with a womens cooperative in Cambodia. Women hand-screen print fabrics and make them into cosmetics bags, heat pillows and accessories. They are able to bring their children to work with them and are paid by piece so they can work the hours of production around the care of their children, and receive income while raising their children.

iKOU also supports Australian growers, small scale plantations, Australian manufacturers and our local economy providing local employment that gives many opportunities for people to grow in their skills and sense of self-confidence.