The beginning of a skin journey...

I curated these 'Healthy Skin Kits' as 'beginner' regimes for young skin - teens and 20's - to make it EASY and SAFE for them to care for their skin!

In a world of TikTok & Instagram, teens and young adults are being inundated with misleading, unnecessary and even unsafe recommendations for their skin.... and whilst that is something we can't change, it is important to me to weigh in on the topic and share my thoughts..and provide an alternative solution to consider.

Teenage skin is precious and delicate .. and sometimes problematic. It is a wonderful time to begin great skin habits and start actively caring for your skin however it's also so easy to do lasting damage by using products that simply aren't safe. Whether that be by stripping the skin's natural protective oils leaving it unprotected and susceptible to irritants (ultimately damaging the skin's moisture barrier), or that their ingredients are - put simply - toxic.

As our tribe know, ALL iKOU products are organic and clean (I'll explain more in a moment)... but not all are necessary to use for young skin. So, I've created two simple foundational regimes for teenage skin that is everything they will need!

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