iKOU has won many awards for “Best Environmental Business Practice”.
Living and working in the World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains is a constant reminder to us of the responsibility we have to protect our beautiful planet for generations to come.

iKOU aims to not only limit impact on the environment but create positive change. The great news is, in our experience, eco-certified and alternative options produce far superior results, and at the same time helps the planet.

Sustainability and the environment are at the forefront of all iKOU business practices. This includes internal business practices such as: composting facilities in staff lunchrooms; mini recycling bins for easy accessibility through the workplace; staff functions are catered Vegan so our food choices are both animal-friendly and have a lower impact on the environment.

We support environmental business practices through the use of renewable energy and resource management.
- Our wild-harvested ingredients are sustainably harvested using eco-ethical practice.
- We choose local, Australian grown ingredients as the first option where available, creating a low-carbon footprint.
- Our organic and wild-harvested ingredients protect the earth and water ways from chemicals.
- We source recyclable packaging from FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified papers. The FSC is a non-profit organisation which advocates the responsible management of the worlds forests.
- All iKOU production facilities, head office and retail stores are powered by solar & wind power initiatives.
- Our Skincare, Body care & Soaps are Palm-Oil Free.
- iKOU Candles are made using waxes certified by the Worldwide Fund for Nature, and are GM-Free from sustainable sources.
- iKOU Skincare preservatives are Eco-Cert approved.

Choosing organic ingredients is not only better for your health it is also better for the planet as it protects the earth and waterways from chemicals.

Why Palm-Oil Free?
Skincare emulsifiers are typically produced using palm oil as a result of mass deforestation. In South East Asia the demand for palm oil is so high that an area the size of 300 soccer fields is being chopped down every hour to be replaced by palm crops to be used in cosmetics, soaps and food. Deforestation is contributing to the increase in greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions, accelerating the rate of climate change with 1.5 billion tonnes of carbon released back into the atmosphere. So much carbon is released from this action that scientists say it contributes up to one-fifth of global man-made emissions. (That’s more than the world's entire transport sector!)

iKOU Candle Waxes:
We source our wax through sustainable plantations endorsed by the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF), who only endorse plantations that have not been involved in deforestation. Deforestation not only increases greenhouse gas emissions but has also resulted in the threatened extinction of Orang-utan habitats, which scientists are saying will be extinct in the wild in 20 years if action is not taken now.

In addition to only sourcing ethical wax, iKOU supports Nyaru Menteng Orang-utan Adoption and Reintroduction Project as well as the Worldwide Fund for Nature.