Hand-Made in the Blue Mountains, Australia 100% Natural wax Melts...

iKOU Melts are blended according to the principles of Aromacology, the study of scent and the powerful effect it has on our emotions.

To use: Simply place in the top of your oil burner and light the tealight. Each individual Melt scent lasts up to 30hrs (depending on the style of burner used). To renew, let the wax cool and solidify, and replace with a new Melt, or top up with a matching Melt Topper. Each package has 3 Melts, giving around 90 hours of scent. 

iKOU 100% Natural Wax Melts are Hand Made in the World Heritage Listed Blue Mountains, Australia. We use environmentally sustainable Palm wax (Paraffin-Free + Vegan + GM Free) sourced from certified organisations founded by the WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) and scented with high quality fragrances and essential oils. Our melts are developed to shrink when cooled, so the Melts easily pop out of your oil burner bowl to change.

Natural wax oil burner melts are the fuss-free, superior alternative to traditional oil and water use, as the temperature of the wax stays cooler than water, protecting the essential oils from overheating. As the wax never evaporates, the oil burner bowl also stays nice and clean (compared to using water which often bakes the essential oils into the bowl as it dissipates).

Melt topper and Melt toppers is a ® registered trade mark of iKOU 2009