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Week 4 Increase Your Energy Through Exercise

By Naomi Whitfeld Seperating dot 26.02.2020

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Have you ever thought of exercise as a way to INCREASE your energy?

At the end of a busy day it's often the last thing we think we need, but it can be a wonderful tool to create change for the way you feel with the end result that you have more energy!

Exercise releases endorphins that make us feel good.


It also releases chemicals to assist with pain, in anticipation of the repair your body needs from your workout.All this can help when you are tired and achy, as well as that it can help with the cause of body stiffness by getting your body moving if you've been stuck in the same position all day at a desk or doing repetitive movements.Try going for a brisk walk after work and see how different you feel!Don't wait to feel motivated to exercise (otherwise it will never happen) just go for consistency by creating a schedule. I always find the motivation kicks in once I start, and I feel amazing afterwards.



The other benefit of exercise is it makes you stronger and builds stamina.

While it feels challenging when you first start, with consistency and patience each time you exercise you will get stronger and build more staying power.

This in turn translates to endurance in life and daily activities.

Sweating detoxifies our system and boosts our health.



Exercise makes us feel healthier, which in turn prompts us to make healthier food choices.

As we feel the benefits to our health through our fitness, our body craves feeling good even more, so we are more likely to start a cycle of healthful patterns!

We generally start drinking more water to hydrate our system as we sweat, which becomes a routine throughout the rest of the day, and is a great tool for vitality.



Regular exercise also helps you sleep more deeply.

While I'm not recommending a vigorous workout just before bedtime, a workout during the day will make your body seek deep, healing sleep at night-time for your body to repair and recover. This will also help your mind to enjoy the benefits of a good night's sleep.



Exercise also helps to flush out excess cortisol and relieve stress.

Exercise is a great tool to stop the worry cycle, and reset our emotions when we are stressed. It's important to listen to your body for how hard you can push however, as when your body is already under stress, exercising too hard can put the body under more stress.

Mix up the level of your workout according to how you are feeling and listen to how your body recovers the next day to know your perfect balance.

Exercise can take on many forms.

Choose what your body will benefit from each day as part of a schedule.

It's important to mix it up and create variety with what you do, so you work safely and progress forwards.

What do you enjoy?

Yoga, a gym workout, bike ride, boxing, group exercise, running?

Mix it up to work all the different muscles and also raise your heart rate to work up a sweat in some sessions.



You'll never find time unless you MAKE TIME!

All of us have choices for how we spend our free time, and if we make a priority to put exercise on our list of life goals there are many places to find time:

- Get up an hour earlier (by going to bed an hour earlier) so you've hit your goal before the day even starts.

- Exercise on your lunch break.

- Go to the gym straight after work.

- Make the weekends your biggest exercise target time and aim for your biggest goals.

- PLAN AHEAD! Choose what you will do and when, and set it as an appointment time with yourself. Prepare your clothes ready the day before.



- Get a fitness app or trainer, or join group classes for inspiration.

- Track your progress. You'll feel great when you fill in a calendar of what you've achieved.

- Set goals and tell others about them (you're more likely to achieve goals when you create accountability)

- Buy some new clothing or shoes you love to inspire you to want to wear them.

- Choose forms of exercise you enjoy and mix it up on different days for variety.

Energy CREATES energy.


So choose what you love, and get your body moving and working every day!!

I feel healthier and stronger in my 40's than any other time of my life, simply because I have now made exercise a regular part of my day for the last six years.

It wasn't easy when I started, but with consistency I'm fitter and stronger and loving the way my body feels when it functions at its best.

If you're not enjoying the benefits yourself, add this to your list of goals and make 2020 the year to energise your life!

x Naomi

Naomi Whitfeld is the Founder of iKOU and author of the book "Energise your life".

Her passion for inspiring others to live a life of wellness & joy shines through in everything she does.

As an intuitive Aromatherapist, Naomi incorporates mind & body benefits into all she creates, believing we respond best when we treat as a 'whole".

Winner of the Telstra Business Women's Award for "Entrepreneur of the Year", Naomi has a particular interest in supporting busy women to enjoy rituals of self-care on a daily basis.