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The “I AM INSPIRED” Artwork Story:

By Naomi Whitfeld Seperating dot 30.11.2021

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As we move into 2022, my goal is to create my life rather than letting life circumstances create me.

During the last year there were many things I knew would help me feel like the best version of “me” but that I often sacrificed or forget to connect with. I was caught up in the waves of “busyness” and responsibility with the constant changes and challenges that kept presenting.

The demands of the last year for me as a business owner took me back to the level of workload of our early start up days...

...where you work round the clock keeping up with everything in a way that feels like a “Spinning Plates” challenge.
I became so caught up in my responsibilities, I left little time or energy for myself.

This is not how I like life to feel, so I have set myself a goal to break the patterns and bring balance and control back into my life by the time we enter the new year, and continue in this for the year ahead.

2021 has taught me more than ever the importance of regular patterns and rituals to boost wellbeing.
These are the things you can control, no matter what is happening around you.

Starting my morning early before the world wakes up to enjoy some sacred time for myself to boost my energy and get my good endorphins flowing. 
Ending my day with breathing space for a skincare ritual to settle and calm my nervous system and care for myself.
Bringing intention to my night time sleep ritual, to recieve the full healing benefits of a great nights sleep.

To help me with my goal, I decided I wanted something tangible that would serve as a reminder to me each day, rather than just having the idea in the back of my mind.

And you won't believe what happened!

Synchronicity brought me into contact with a beautiful artist Hannah Lange, whose work sparked an idea the moment I saw it!

I commissioned Hannah to paint me a series of artworks that I could hang on my wall in the places that would remind me of my wellness and life goals.

These are the works we have shared on our packaging this Christmas, and we have also shared the stories behind them to inspire others like me to create their goal for the year ahead.

I am excited to share the full works with you here, and the inspiration and story for each.
I hope they inspire you. I am so honoured to have had Hannah create these for me, based on her interpretation of my personal hopes and dreams and the elements of nature that inspire me.

Hannah is a proud Wiradjuri woman, born and raised in the Blue Mountains.

I love Hannah's colour palettes and beautiful work and also that she tells nature stories through Aboriginal art- things that mean so much to me in the Bouddi area I now live which has such a strong connection with earth and our First Nation’s people.

Our connecting with each other at the time I set my goals, was such a special synchronicity.

I am proud to share the artworks with you here, and the story behind them.

“Circle of Support” - by indigenous artist Hannah Lange.

Circle of Support’ is inspired by my goal to surround myself with the people and life tools I need to support the best version of me.

From the artist: "The circle is not perfect, each layer may look different but still a necessary facet of getting through life. Concentric circles in our culture can often mean 'meeting place' representing the coming together of people."

“Flowing Waters” - by indigenous artist Hannah Lange.

‘Flowing Waters’ is inspired by my love of water. The sound of a waterfall or the ocean cleanses my spirit of all negative emotions leaving me feeling a renewed sense of energy and inspiration. This work also symbolises my goal for more movement in life- moving my body with exercise, movement in my thoughts to positivity, movement in my patterns to create healthful, positive actions.

“Nature” - by indigenous artist Hannah Lange.

’Nature’ is inspired by my goal to spend more time in nature, “the great healer” and the place I reconnect with myself.

Soothing shades of green leaves, the constant movement of shadows and dappled light refresh my soul and restore my calm.

“Morning Dew” - by indigenous artist Hannah Lange.

‘Morning dew’ is inspired by my goal to create time for myself by rising early, breathing in the energy of the new morning as the sun casts its first rays and the dew is still fresh on the leaves.

The morning for me is where the magic happens, and starting my day early and dedicating this time to myself sets the tone for the entire day ahead.

“Boulders” - by indigenous artist Hannah Lange.

'Boulders’ is inspired by the feelings of grounding and stability I get when I go out in nature and seek magnificent rock formations.
They remind me to live in the moment with contentment of being exactly where I am now. Hannah has translated this brief in the form of the intricate colours, textures and patterns found on the surface of the stone.

“White Space” - by indigenous artist Hannah Lange.

White Space' is inspired by my dream to bring more space in my life, to leave room to breath. Hannah has interpreted this with the lines in the painting starting over crowded and then reaching out to expand and create space.

It reminds me to schedule balancing breathing space and clear days off between projects so it's not just one big continual effort. Life balance of yin and yang- power times then soft times.

Naomi Whitfeld

Naomi Whitfeld is the Founder of iKOU and author of the book "Energise your life".
Her passion for inspiring others to live a life of wellness & joy shines through in everything she does.
As an intuitive Aromatherapist, Naomi incorporates mind & body benefits into all she creates, believing we respond best when we treat as a 'whole".
Winner of the Telstra Business Women's Award for "Entrepreneur of the Year", Naomi has a particular interest in supporting busy women to enjoy rituals of self-care on a daily basis.