Do you often find yourself in a state of worry?
More than you would like?

You’re not alone! Today we share some tools you can use to help break the cycle of worry.

Worry Definition; “Feel, or cause to feel, anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems.”

While some worry can be helpful, to assist us in solving problems for example- unnecessary worry, particularly about potential concerns that haven’t actually even happened (the what if’s, and the "maybes”) really serves no positive purpose and can be a big drain on our happiness and flow in life if we can’t find ways to break the cycle.

Common causes:
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • The “Invisible Load” - the responsibilities we carry that pile up
  • Uncertainty and fear of the future
  • Life pressures
  • Mental exhaustion
  • Lack of time for “self"

  • I hope you enjoy learning about what helps me break this challenging cycle.

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    3 Life Tools to help!

    Follow these steps & feel the benefits.

    Bring yourself into the present

    Bring yourself back into the present with a mindfulness activity. Focus on all the different things you can see in the room around for a few seconds.

    Look at a detail of the thing that you might not normally have noticed without being mindful. Then, move to another thing in the room and do the same.

    As you look around the room from one object to another take a few deep breaths and say to yourself “I am right here, right now”.

    Give yourself a time frame of permission

    Instead of berating yourself for worrying, give yourself a timeframe of permission.

    For example; “I know I am worried about things that may not even happen, but they are concerning me. I will let my mind keep thinking about them for the rest of today only, and I will make a pact with myself to let go of thinking about this by the time I go to bed.”

    This can be very freeing- because sometimes we also worry about being worried!

    Fill your life with things that don’t leave room for worry

    If we keep ourselves busy doing things that feed our soul, or bring a sense of control to our life, we will have less time and space to let worry take over.

    One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is getting organised - focus on your house, your meal prep, your schedule.

    The simple action of taking a daily walk in the fresh air can be game changing!

    3 iKOU Wellness Actions

    We developed our 'Ground and Balance' range with the desire to help people to ease their anxiety, and break the cycles we can all find ourselves in throughout life.

    iKOU Ground & Balance essential oil

    The woody notes of Cedarwood,Patchouli and Cardamom bring a sense of strength and grounding through your legs and feet to get you “out of your head and into your body”.

    iKOU Ground & Balance pulse point rollette

    Did you know this is the same blend as our essential oil? It’s blended into a carrier oil at the perfect ratio to roll directly onto your skin. Apply to your pulse points, neck, chest and shoulders.

    iKOU Ground & Balance Meditation

    Settle yourself in and let yourself be guided and supported with the soothing sounds of our FREE iKOU Meditation.