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Find New Ways To Feel Good - iKOU Inspiration

By Naomi Whitfeld Seperating dot 31.03.2020

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With so many of our regular daily pleasures now changing, it’s really made me think about the impact this has on our mental health and wellbeing.

Regular things we once did to feel good like going to the gym, the hairdresser, meeting friends for dinner or getting a massage have all been taken away from us, and many of us are now working from home away from our colleagues, or sadly not working at all.So what we CAN do to create new patterns that boost our mental wellbeing and make us feel good?



There’s a chapter in my book called “Work with what you have”.

When you experience the loss of anything, it’s easy to live in the past and focus on what you used to have, used to do, used to love. When what you knew before is gone, it takes a complete mind pivot to work through that and move forward, accepting your new circumstances and being gratefulfor what youhave rather than lamenting what you don’t.

In the chapter I shared the story of the time after my cycling accident and how I went through this process when I couldn’t use my my body the way I used to, and was feeling really disconnected with the things that made me feel alive and energised each day.

The way I worked through this challenge was by analysing exactly what I was missing, and thinking of ways I could still tune into the same feelings in a new way.

This led me to a creative mindset of reinventing my daily patterns and finding new ways to feel good.


The story is on page 113, and I read back through it this morning with new eyes through the lens of life today and I realised this is exactly what I have started doing for myself now at home. With recent events, it took a while to realise what gaps I was missing and replace them with new patterns that feed my soul, and now I’m really enjoying my flow and finding a new rhythm.

What about you?

Have you written a list of the things you used to do that you can’t any longer that made you feel good? What can you replace them with?




Health and wellness is much more than simply not being sick. It is about achieving a balance physical, mental and soul/spiritual health.

Home Spa has never been more vital to our wellbeing than now.

I wrote in a blog in March last year called “Feel Beautiful Again” and spoke about a hormone called oxytocin.

Women have a special stress response that overrides “Fight or Flight”, it’s called “Tend and Befriend”.

It’s prompted by the hormone oxytocin, which is often called the “Hug Hormone”.

Women release more oxytocin than men, and the higher the levels we have in our bodies, the less stress affects us. It’s released when engaging in caring activities, connecting with other women (which is why we like to talk through and analyse our problems more than men).

Want to hear the good news?

It is also released in rituals of self-care! This is a great time for conscious moments of self-care to connect with your feminine side and experience the physical and emotional benefits.

I hope this inspires you to find more ways to feel good.



It’s a waste of precious time to think “I’ll be happy when…"

Let’s find ways to be happy today.

I hope this inspires you to make the most of every precious day of life and start seeking more ways to feel good, no matter what.

Love to all of you!

x Naomi

Naomi Whitfeld is the Founder of iKOU and author of the book "Energise your life".

Her passion for inspiring others to live a life of wellness & joy shines through in everything she does.

As an intuitive Aromatherapist, Naomi incorporates mind & body benefits into all she creates, believing we respond best when we treat as a 'whole".

Winner of the Telstra Business Women's Award for "Entrepreneur of the Year", Naomi has a particular interest in supporting busy women to enjoy rituals of self-care on a daily basis.