It’s time to dive in!

Over the next 5 blogs I’ll be taking you through a series of modules that will build your knowledge to create your own sequences of home spa rituals.

Each is designed to help counter the varying impacts of stress on our mind and mood.


If you want to feel less stressed the perfect iKOU range for you is: DE-STRESS

Aromatherapy Benefits of Ingredients in our De-Stress Range

The aromatherapy oils we've used in this blend address all aspects of the impacts of stress:

Help to calm the mind
Replenish depleted energy
Give feelings of being grounded


The essential oil extracted from the familiar purple blooms of this beautiful flower harmonises the nervous system.

It has a chameleon ability to be calming and sedative in times of mental stress or agitation, while reviving the spirits when emotionally depleted.


Harmonising for the nervous system, geranium is an excellent essential oil to de-stress, lift out of depression and reduce anxiety.

The floral notes ease frustration and calm the mind.

Orange & Mandarin

Cold-pressed from the peel of the fruit, orange and mandarin oils are known as the “no worries oils”.

They have been researched to stop mind chatter (the “monkey mind”) and overthinking, reduce self-doubt and fear of the unknown.


Lemon as an essential oil, works to lift the mood and refresh the spirit.It is effective in helping to clear the mind, to leave you feeling more relaxed and light.


Soothing and calming, Patchouli helps to feel grounded and reconnected between mind and body when you feel too much “in your head”. It can be beneficial for states of anxiety and depression.
While each of these oils alone have benefits to assist with feeling stressed, when combined together and used in conjunction with a home spa ritual the benefits can be profoundly impactful on shifting your mood.

Here’s our favourite iKOU products you will find these oils in, and tips to incorporate them into your everyday life to help you feel less stressed.


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Our Top 3 Products for Home Spa Rituals

Organic Body Buff

Because this is based on sugar, you can use it in the shower! Use our body buff when you wash your hair, after you put your conditioner on and come through, turn off the water and scrub all over.

Then, rinse off your hair and body together to enjoy the amazing skin & mind benefits of this incredible body scrub without taking any extra time.

De-Stress Body Souffle

Rich, organic hydration for the body helps calm and relax the skin. While the aromatherapy combination of lavender, lemon, geranium, clementine mandarin & patchouli de-stresses the mind, replenishes energy & brings a sense of being grounded & relaxed.

We call this a "souffle" because the texture is superior to a body butter or lotion. An eternal favourite at iKOU, people often say it "smells like a day spa".

De-Stress Body Wash

It's time to turn your daily shower into an aromatherapy experience, inhaling the aroma of this calming scent as you wash away your cares! It is luxurious, silky smooth, gentle and natural.

Blended with divinely scented pure essential oils to de-stress, calm and relax. Naturally SLS-free, and a sensitive skin formulation.