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CANDLES & WELLBEING- Are your candles safe to breathe?

By Naomi Whitfeld Seperating dot 08.07.2022

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The flickering flame of candlelight creates a cosy ambience. 

Have you though ever thought about what you are inhaling when you have a lit candle in the room?

Candles create the perfect cosy ambience for the eyes, but you may be surprised to know, a good majority of candles are not good for your lungs!

The truth about paraffin wax:

Did you know the majority of candles on the market are made from paraffin wax?

Paraffin is a by-product of kerosene, a petrochemical.

The fumes from paraffin candles have been examined by the Australian Government’s National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC).

Their safety standards recommend the exposure limits of 2mgs of paraffin fume per cubic metre, over an 8 hour period for safety.

Doesn’t make much sense until you relate it to an example right?

Okay- here’s one that will shock you…

An 8-hour paraffin tealight candle (you know, the little candles in the tin that you often buy in bulk?) holds up to 20,000 mgs!!!

That means to be safe, if you are in a 3 x 4 metre square room and you are burning two little paraffin tealight candles, you would need to evacuate the room in under 3 minutes!

Want to know more?

Are “Soy Candles” safer than paraffin?

Just because a candle is labelled as “soy” doesn’t mean they are paraffin-free.

There is no legality around using the term “Soy Candle” on a label; so even if a candle makes this claim, you could still be burning a majority paraffin candle with a small token percentage of soy.

You may not even realise you are inhaling a petrochemical.

What about iKOU Candles?

Great news- iKOU candles are 100% paraffin-free!

We guarantee this by putting our promise in writing on the box.

We use all natural plant wax that is GM-Free, Paraffin-Free and vegan.

Candle Wicks

You’re possibly familiar with the dangers of lead metal being used in candles. This is actually banned for health reasons.

At iKOU however, we don’t believe in using any metals in our wicks.

Instead we use pure cotton, braided wicks with a paper core.

So much better for your health!

We also don’t use wicks that are coated in paraffin, another common practice in the candle making industry.

Physical AND Mental Health benefits

Most candles are blended to make the room smell different- but at iKOU, we also blend to make you FEEL different!

This is why we use components of pure essential oils in all our blends to give you aromatherapy benefits.

The names of each blend describes the intention behind the blend- so you can choose the way you want to feel each day to calm, de-stress and nurture.

We encourage you to build a “wardrobe” of scents, where you keep a selection of blends in the cupboard to choose your mood each day according to the weather, your mood and how you are wanting to feel.

You can create your mood in the same way you can with the clothes you choose.
I hope this information empowers and inspires you in your own wellbeing journey.

We feel so proud to be offering you Australian-made, natural wax candles that boost both your health and your mind!

x Naomi