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A Personal Story

By Naomi Whitfeld Seperating dot 18.02.2024

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Beautiful girl,

One of the best bits of advice I received when I was younger was the importance of having older people in your life as “trusted voices” who can can share their wisdom and experience- to help you use their advice to skip the lessons they’ve learned the hard way (through life!)

Whether you are the young woman reading this, or the older woman who shares her knowledge- I want to share something that I think is important for all young women to hear..

And that is about the choices you make to care for your skin in your teens and early 20’s, and the long term impacts it can have for the future.
This is my personal story…

When I was 11 my skin started to change.
I not only got the occasional pimple, but I started to get flaky skin at the sides of my nose.
I felt really self-conscious about it, and I tried so many different things over the next few years, always being influenced by the claims on labels, advertising, or the products that were popular amongst my friends.
My skin didn’t get better.
It got much worse.
The flaky skin grew to become a giant patch of irritated skin either side of my nose, like a giant butterfly of red, sore skin.
My mum had always wanted me to wait until I was 15 to wear makeup, but finally said “yes” at 14 to help cover up my skin condition.

Long story short (and SO many products and prescriptions from the Dr along the way).. my skin continued to plague me until I was 30 years old.
It affected my posture as I tried to hide my face, it crushed my confidence, and it constantly made me feel stressed.

Looking back, and now as the Founder of a skincare company I truly believe that if I knew what I know now, I could have skipped all the years of distress my skin gave me, because I know I would have done things differently.

Here are 5 things I’ve learned about skin:

1. Nothing beats natural for healthy skin. 
Just like eating “real food”, using real ingredients are the best things to boost the wellness of your skin. Chemicals and fragrance are like “junk food” for your skin.

2. Your skin is designed to balance itself.
When you work in harmony with your skin- cleansing it daily, not stripping it of its own balance, protecting it from harsh chemicals and regularly nourishing it- you support your skin to find its own balance.

3. Marketing isn’t always real.
Just because you see something on TikTok or social media, doesn’t mean it represents the facts for what is right for you- or that it works.

4. Keeping consistency in a your regime using natural products you trust delivers the best results. “Playing” with the latest fad products, trying one new things after another can upset the natural balance of your skin and cause long term issues.

5. Love your “Temple"
Treat your skin and body like a temple, giving yourself some sacred space to nurture yourself with relaxing home spa rituals. Our skin is an outward reflection of our emotions and wellbeing- when you treat skin, mind and body as a whole you get the best results.
Helping young women find the best skincare to balance their skin through all the chapters of life is really close to my heart.

I truly hope iKOU continues to be a “trusted voice” as the place you can come to for your skin wellness!

x Naomi