A Cup of Tea with Naomi: The Power of our Relationships

By Naomi Whitfeld Seperating dot 25.07.2023

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Have you heard the saying “You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with”?

This relates to the power of our relationships, and the influence other people have on our lives to grow and shape us.

Recently however- I’ve discovered a fresh take on this idea that I think works even better!

Let’s be honest- while we may love our friends, our family, our colleagues- the idea that we can only grow to the level of those in our immediate circle is limiting!

I live in a regional area.
I work from home.
I am also an introvert who doesn’t seek lots of social connections.

Is it really true that I can only utilise the people in my immediate day to day life to model myself on, to grown, stretch and learn from, to be inspired by?

Absolutely not!

I believe there are many ways to broaden this influence..

And it’s not all about QUANTITY of time, it’s about intentional, QUALITY time!

Here are the secrets I’ve learnt that work for me:

You don’t have to wait for the people you crave to manifest into your life, you can seek them out and bring them to you! And - you can AIM HIGH!

1. Want to find more grace and calm in challenging situations?

Get a yoga app, or seek out a local class and find your favourite teacher to hit the mat with regularly to absorb their life wisdom. You may know I’ve used the "Glo" app for nearly 10 years and my favourite teacher is Elena Brower- I feel like she’s a friend I’ve done so many of her classes!)

2. Want to stay consistent and motivated with exercise?

I do a zoom session once a week with my trainer who I worked with for years but don’t live nearby anymore. We can still workout together with technology. In between I use an online program (called Zwift!) for cycling indoors that links me to people around the world riding on a trainer just like me- it’s so inspiring seeing the flags of all the countries of the riders knowing we are all doing the same thing!

Want to find inspiration to prepare healthier food, or bring wellness routines into your life?

Book a wellness retreat, seek out local cooking classes, read some books, or follow positive influencers on social media.
4. Want to feel more positivity in your life?

Clean up the list of social media accounts you follow leaving only the ones with a positive influence on you. Stop exposure to the daily news and replace it with podcasts that grow you. Buy a deck of motivational cards and choose one as your mantra or thought for the day.

Want to grow as a person or as a business owner:

Read more books! Attend workshops and seminars with others who are more experienced than you or experts in their field. Get a business coach or mentor.

I feel so grateful to have access to so many amazing people around the world to expand my “5 people”.

The options are endless.

The saying is true for me- “Where focus goes, energy flows.”

What would you like to bring more of into your life right now?

How would you like to grow as a person?

Who can you add to your “5 people” that will have a positive influence in growing and shaping you to be the best version of you?

I wish you success seeking them out to bring them into your world..
They are ready and waiting for you!

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