Essential Oils

iKOU Essential Oils are expertly blended using the highest grade pure essential oils, with Aromatherapy benefits to shift your mood to match the way you want to feel.

As the alchemist behind iKOU, my passion for aromatherapy is infused into all I create...

My intuitive gift for essential oil blending goes beyond just creating blends that smell divine (and they do- people always tell me my blends are the best smelling essential oils they have ever tried!) 

I also love intentionally blending to shift your mood. The blends I make are formulated using the highest grade, pure essential oils and are created to bridge the gap between how you are feeling and how you would like to feel.

I believe in the power of aromatherapy in my own life to de-stress, renew depleted energy, sleep better and generally feel better.I encourage you to collect the full set of iKOU Essential Oils so you can mindfully create your mood each day.

You have the power to transform the way you feel- every day.


X Naomi

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are the essence, the molecules that are the life force of the plants. They are the part that give plants their aroma.

What are some examples?
Walk through at the Australian bush and crush a eucalyptus leaf in your hand.
Zest an orange and smell the warm, citrusy oils burst to life through your kitchen. Brush your hand through fields of lavender and inhale.

What you are smelling in all these experiences is the essential oils in the plants!

Are iKOU essential oils pure?

Yes- all our iKOU essential oils are pure and highest quality!

They are 100% derived from the plant, and not diluted in fragrance or base/carrier oils.

Pure essential oils deliver true aromatherapy benefits, for skin & mind.

Where are iKOU essential oils made?

We blend all our essential oils in the Blue Mountains Australia. 

We offset our production with solar and wind power.

We source our essential oils ethically and from many countries, including Australia- always seeking the best quality available to ensure purity.

How do I use essential oils?

The best way is in an iKOU Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. It uses cold steam technology and generates natural negative-ions to purify the air and make you feel great.

You can also dilute iKOU essential oils into an unscented base oil like almond or jojoba oil to massage onto your skin or pour through your bath.

Are iKOU essential oils safe around pets?

Yes- you can steam diffuse all iKOU oils in your home.
Our oils are pet-friendly to diffuse, but should never be applied to your pets skin.

Are iKOU essential oils pregnancy safe?

All iKOU essential oils are safe to diffuse in the room during pregnancy.

With the exception of Australian Rainforest- they are also all safe when applied to the skin if diluted in a carrier oil first.

Are iKOU oils "certified therapeutic grade"?

There is much confusion in the market place around this term as it is NOT a genuine world-wide standard of assessment to authenticate the quality of essential oils in aromatherapy- rather it is a logo registered trademark brand certification.

There is no such thing as the term therapeutic grade in the essential oil industry. Certificates of analysis if the only guarantee of testing purity of essential oils.

Where can I get iKOU Essential Oils?

We cannot send overseas sorry, but you can buy iKOU Essential Oils online in Australia.

They are also available at many of our brand partners and our iKOU boutiques!


Originating from Italy, and commonly used in perfumery for its fresh scent, the floral and citrus note of the fruit have both restorative and calming benefits. Encourages the release of pent-up feelings to help us relax, shift stagnant energy, and let go.



Fortifies and strengthens during challenging times. The warming, woody notes reduce stress and tension, comfort and ground, increasing focus and a sense of control.



This iconic Australian native tree has over 700 species. iKOU often blends multiple varieties of eucalyptus to layer the unique characteristics of scent and wellness benefits. Our favourites include lemon scented eucalyptus, lemon ironbark and peppermint eucalyptus all which open the breathing, cleanse the air and renew the mind.



Harmonising for the nervous system, geranium is an excellent essential oil to de-stress, lift out of depression and reduce anxiety. The floral notes ease frustration and calm the mind.



Extracted from the peel of both pink and white grapefruit varieties, each colour species has its own distinctly unique scent. Emotionally uplifting and reviving, motivates and restores energy.


Italian Orange

Cold-pressed from the peel of the fruit, orange oil is known as the “no worries oil”. It has been researched to stop mind chatter (the “monkey mind”) and overthinking, reduce self-doubt and fear of the unknown. It has a calming yet cheerful effect on the emotions and inspires happiness.



The essential oil extracted from the familiar purple blooms of this beautiful flower harmonises the nervous system. It has a chameleon ability to be calming and sedative in times of mental stress or agitation, while reviving the spirits when emotionally depleted. Excellent for treating insomnia, and to de-stress.


Lemon Myrtle

iKOU sources our organic Lemon Myrtle essential oil fresh from the farm in regional NSW, Australia. We love the fresh, clean scent of Australian Lemon Myrtle! It also helps with concentration and clearing the mind of stress. Lemon Myrtle is balancing to the emotions to both calm and lift the spirits.



Cold pressed from the fruit the fresh aroma brings refreshment and helps eliminate mental fatigue, particularly from anxiety.



Derived from the orange blossom, this divinely scented oil is described as “bringing a lightness of being” to lift a heavy mood. Calming to stressed skin conditions like eczema this is the perfect choice to de-stress.



Picked by hand in the early morning, it takes over 30 mature roses to produce a single drop of precious pure rose essential oil! Rose is strongly linked to the feelings of the heart.
 It has been researched to calm the nerves, soothe feelings of anger and anxiety and comfort in times of sorrow.


Ylang Ylang

From Naomi - iKOU Founder: “Ylang Ylang is one of my personal favourites in the world of essential oils. The seductive, heady, floral notes will always remind me of Asian spa travel! I love blending it with citrus, particularly orange and tangerine. So divine!"