Trusting the care of your skin to a product range takes research.

Educating ourselves however goes deeper than simply learning about ingredients and what they do, it also involves educating ourselves on the ethos behind the brand making the products to build trust and knowledge that the products actually work.

Everyone loves iKOU for this reason..

iKOU is unique in both our ingredients formulation being based on organic and wild-harvested Australian fruit and flower extracts, our aromatherapy “Mind/ Body” holistic approach, and the DNA cold extraction process that keeps our ingredients so pure.

I always say though, the ultimate proof of a product is the results it delivers.

From the first time you use iKOU, you feel different.
Our skincare encourages you to breathe, and brings you into the moment with the luxurious textures and essential oil aromas.

From the first time you use iKOU, you look different.
You skin will look more hydrated, elasticity is visibly restored and it becomes more radiant.
Over the weeks to follow, with a daily regime, you will find your skin gets healthier and healthier and more and more vibrant everyday.

There is nothing I love more than receiving fanmail from people who have just used iKOU for the first time, raving about the results.
People tell me it is the best skincare they have ever used, and they cannot believe how quickly iKOU Skincare works.. they love the way they can see the difference from the first time they use it.

I created this range because as a former eczema sufferer, I know how life changing it is to have great skin.
When your skin feels good, you feel good, and I want everyone who uses iKOU to feel fabulous.

x Naomi 


One of the things everyone loves about iKOU Organic Skincare is that our products are both natural AND High-Performance.

Many people have tried organic skincare in the past that is purely aromatherapy based, but iKOU Skincare is formulated with additional active extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and phyto-nutrients, so it also delivers age-defying results well beyond aromatherapy benefits.

The quality of our raw ingredients plays an integral part in the effectiveness of our Skincare.
I often use food analogies to describe our skincare, because we all relate to ingredients we eat, and it’s the same with what we put onto our skin.
If you are making a Kale Salad, which would you choose? Kale picked weeks prior that is limp and lifeless, or crisp Organic Kale picked fresh from the garden, vibrant and alive?
We all want the freshest and purest ingredients in our food, because we can see the results in our health.
It is the same with our skin.

iKOU extracts are obtained through a DNA extraction process, and we don’t heat our actives, so they remain potent and pure.

Heat destroys vitamins, which is why the “raw food movement” advocates eating food that has not been cooked, so you get the full nutrients from the fruits and vegetables.

Kakadu Plum is a great example of the way a raw ingredient can affect the final results of a product.
Its claim to fame is that is contains the “highest amount of Vitamin C of any fruit on the planet”.
This is true of the raw fruit, but once the extract is taken from the plant by maceration or percolation (blending or boiling) the amount of Vitamin C in the extract goes from 40% in the fruit to 0% in the extract.
DNA extraction protects the actives and maintains the purity so that the full 40% Vitamin C is still intact when it goes into iKOU Skincare!
This is one of the big difference as to why iKOU Skincare works... the ingredients we use, and their purity.


iKOU Skincare is pure skincare direct from the earth, naturally chemical-free and organic. 

We use many “Wild-Harvested” ingredients which are "next-level organics", as they are grown in pristine, remote locations from around the globe, and planted and sustained by nature itself, not farmed by man.
These locations include the lush, tropical Australian Rainforests, the wild Kakadu, remote Swiss Alps and African Savannah where the symbol of life is the Baobab Tree.
Wild-Harvested ingredients are particularly potent as they grow in soils of their natural environment, abundant in all the nutrients they need to be healthy plants rich in phyto-nutrients.

Our ethos of purity extends to all stages of formulation, using ground breaking plant cell extraction that doesn’t heat the precious actives, redefining the power of each natural ingredient, and combining them to deliver visible results.

iKOU formulates using the correct percentages of plant extracts, essential oils, butters and vitamins, so iKOU Skincare delivers the results we promise.