Morning & Night Rituals

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The way we start and end our day shapes much of the way we feel about our life.

We cannot always control the things that happen during the day.
By bringing regular patterns and rituals to our mornings and nights, we bring a sense of stability that “bookends our day”.

While most iKOU Rituals are chosen to match specific moods and be enjoyed during moments to relax with a home spa experience, our Morning and Night Rituals are different.
These are our daily rituals intended for use by everyone to use every day as “must-have” rituals for wellbeing of mind and body.

We recommend add the Morning & Night Rituals to your personalised rituals as the foundation of your home spa ritual collection.

The whole tone for the day ahead is set by the way you start your morning.
If you ever lament “I never get any time for me” then start getting up an hour early and dedicate this time for yourself.

Start with a morning mantra when you first put your feet on the ground:
“This is going to be a wonderful day!”

• Dry Body Brushing is a traditional wellness practice to stimulate circulation and detoxify to boost vitality.
• Consistent morning exercise, a walk in nature or yoga is a great pattern for wellbeing.
• Exercise releases good endorphins that shift your mood, and it also keeps your body strong and flexible.
• Meditation and journalling gives you some quiet breathing space, which settles your nervous system and starts the day in a calm state.
• Our morning shower ritual can be turned into a refreshing and uplifting experience to install feelings of positivity.

Evening rituals help us wind down from the day, preparing to rest and enjoy deep, healing sleep.

• Our night time facial regime is often the first moment we get for ourselves during the day.
• Rather than rushing through with the mindset “I have to cleanse my face”, turn the moment into a relaxing moment to nurture yourself.
• Apply your cleanser and moisturiser as a facial massage.
• Instead of watching TV or scrolling through social media, play some soothing music.
• When was the last time you enjoyed a hot bath with aromatherapy?
• Create a sleep sanctuary by your bed with all the things that will support a good nights sleep, a linen mist, eye mask and sleep rollette.

The way we feel in the morning is in direct relation to the quality and duration of sleep we had the night before.
And the way we start our day, sets the tone for the way we feel during the day.

Create change with bringing intentional morning and night rituals into your life!

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