What your iKOU scent choice says about you!

There's alot more to your scent choice with iKOU than just making the room smell nice. We've blended to make you FEEL different... so trusting your nose to choose the right scent gives an insight into how you are feeling, and how you would like to feel.

Here's the list to iKOU Scent Personality Profiling: 

"Happiness"- Coconut & Lime: "You have a fun and positive outlook on life, love the feeling of freedom, things that make you smile, and warm sunny days. The decadent side in you loves tropical island holidays with bare feet in the sand and palm trees swaying in the breeze."

"De-stress"- Geranium & Lavender: "You give alot everyday, both to others and lifes responsibilities. And while you may not always have alot of time left for yourself, you recognise the need to care for self to cope with all the things that come your way. You want to calm your mind, but also need to recharge your energy so you can get back in to life."

"Peace"- Turkish Rose: "You are in need of some heart connection and the sense of soothing comfort that comes from a caring, loving hug. Peaceful, quiet time will really benefit you right now, with gentleness and tranquility to heal and help you find your inner peace." 

"Nurture"- Italian Orange, Cardamom & Vanilla: "There is nothing you would love more today than to enjoy a hot bath and snuggle in a warm, cosy blanket with some mood-lifting comfort food and candles. You are craving a "happiness boost" that brings out your smile and lifts your spirits while still feeling comforting and nurturing."

"Zen"- Green Tea & Cherry Blossom: "You are seeking solitude and stillness, with the sense of order and peacefulness that comes from a Zen garden and the rituals of a Japanese Tea House. You want to cleanse any mind clutter you have built up and feel clear and calm".

"Calm"- Lemongrass & Lime: "You want to open your mind and imagination to create transformation in your life, or feel a sense of space clearing to restore things to their previous happy, balanced state. You feel energised and uplifted by space around you and clean, orderly surroundings."