There is no better way to start the day than with exercise and great food..

It sets the tone for the entire day!
Having a ready supply of fabulous ingredients guarantees everything you eat will make you feel great. My favourite staples for breakfast include raw cacao, buckwheat, amaranth, nuts and seeds, frozen bananas, berries, oats, coconut yoghurt and my winter everyday turmeric chai latte. I love mixing up the textures by adding a hidden teaspoon of tahini or almond butter and serotonin boosting cacao pods so every mouthful feels like a surprise and connects me with being in the moment. (Cacao pods are like a little burst of happiness in every bite!)
I also want to give a shout out to all the great online resources we have now for exercise. Throughout the year I have benefited so much from sites like and and I am so grateful for their existence! 
Zwift has kept me motivated and fit while rehabilitating from my accident and multiple rounds of surgery when I couldn't ride outdoors, and Yogaglo has classes for every need imaginable, including mediation for the times I couldn't use my body at all. 
I share this because all of us go through life's ups and downs, nothing stays the same, but there are so many things we can do to keep ourselves feeling the best we can everyday and staying connected with our health and happiness.
If anyone is reading this today who is having to start again, don't give up! It's all about daily consistency, and making the most of what you can do, being grateful for your body and mind and caring for them as your own best friend.
Wishing you all a weekend filled with sunshine, fabulously healthy food, boundless energy, hot baths and body scrubs!!
xx Naomi