The key to having time for "rest, relax, restore" is planning..

Creating time in your day with a specific intention in the same way we plan our meals ensures we get the regular "me-time" we want and need.
I'm a big fan of rising early to find an extra hour in my day. This is the time I use for exercise and for the care of my skin.
To sustain rising early I recommend calculate back your alarm clock time by the amount of hours you need to sleep.
In my case I need 7.5-8 hours to feel vibrant, and I rise at 5.30am, so I need to be in bed by 9.30 or 10.
This consistent rest pattern allows me to welcome the best part of the day as the sun comes up, and gives me so much energy. It really sets the tone for the entire day.
I've also noticed that when people set aside a particular day of the week for home-spa treatments, it tends to be honoured more than just trying to "find the time". 
"Friday Night Spa Night", "Self-Care Sunday", "Wednesday Wind-Down".. Choose your special time, plan ahead so you have everything you need, a body scrub, a deep conditioner, candles, bath salts.. 
If you're physically and mentally making time for you, you're so much more likely to less stressed, healthier, happier and living the life you love!
x Naomi