So excited to see the sun today, and feel Spring in the air!

After winter I always feel so free shredding the layers of clothing and also feel the same with my skin. 
Nothing beats a good exfoliation and often we remember our body but forget the difference it makes on our face.
I am obsessed with this Ultra Radiance Face Polish!!
It has Australian Desert Lime in it, which feels really cold and cleansing, and also gives an enzymatic action. It's superior to a face scrub with just use manual particles, because it works both manually and enzymatically, with both AHA's and BHAs, which is why we call it a "Face Polish".
We also use three different types and grades of exfoliant in it to give a really detailed polish... Loofa, Rice and Bamboo.
To get the best benefit, polish into skin and leave on for 5-8 minutes to dissolve away the glue like structure that holds the dead skin cells to the skin, before rising off.
You will look and feel AMAZING!!! 😍