"Don't forget the neck and dec!"

Word of advice.. I've always been an advocate of continuing your facial regime down the neck and decolletage.
After all, they have the same environmental exposure as our face and are just as fragile.
Well, inadvertently I've become a great case for this theory, and I can tell you the results!

Many of you know I was injured in a cycling accident last August, and had to have collar bone surgery. 
I needed more surgery in February, and am currently recovering from the latest round just over a week ago. 

Yesterday I noticed my neck looking really aged and losing its elasticity, and I suddenly realised I've been avoiding putting product on my neck for long periods of time because of the pain around the area!

I can tell you now, I'm back giving love to my neck and dec, just going gently. 
Learn from my lesson.. You will see the difference!

xx Naomi