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    I love honouring the relationship between body and mind, knowing that caring one also cares for the other.
    Relaxed skin inspires a relaxed mind and vice versa.
    Stress can have an enormous impact on our skin. It can reduce our natural lipid oil protection, causing it to become dry, itchy and irritated.
    In the reverse, stressed skin can also make our mind feel stressed.
    Sometimes we don't even realise why we feel stressed, and often it can be because of our skin, especially in winter when we're in heated rooms, have hotter showers and drink less water.
    Staying in tune with how our skin is feeling, and ensuring we keep it hydrated can make you instantly feel calm and
    Create the life you love to live, and feel the way you want to feel by caring for your body and you mind.
    Rest, relax, restore...