• Australian White Flannel Flower..

    This beautiful, soft little flower has been researched to have benefits of boosting confidence, and connecting with the joy that lives within.
    I have loved the feeling of White Flannel Flower essences for a long time now, it always makes me feel beautiful and connected with my soft side, which we sometimes lose when we are busy keeping up with life.

    We've used it in professional iKOU Spa treatments for a really long time, and finally after so much demand launched it now in our new retail ranges.
    So excited to have White Flannel Flower in Aromatherapy pulse point rollettes, our famous Organic Body Souffles and Hand Cream.
    Will share more about it soon, as we've also discovered in lab testing it has off the chart Anti-Ageing benefits too!
    You'll also find it as a star ingredient in our new Pure Results Skincare.

    Love it! 😍