• Aromatherapy (the pure oils extracted from plants) has the power not just to work on your skin, but also to shift your mood and mind.

    Plant oils can have a powerful effect on the way we feel, boosting Energy, De-Stressing the mind or Soothing the heart.
    Every day I like to ask myself, "How do you feel?" and "How would you like to feel?" and I use Aromatherapy to match the answer.
    iKOU "Organic Massage/Body Oil" is rich in essential hydration and vitamins for the skin, but is also blended for the Mood-Changing benefits of Aromatherapy.
    You can pour them through your bath, use them after shower as a moisturiser, or if you're lucky enough, for beautiful massage, while you blissfully relax and absorb the maximum benefits.
    If you want help matching your current feelings to the mood you want to feel, I'd love to help!
    Just tell me "How you are feeling" and "How you would like to feel "..
    I honestly believe it is possible to switch your mood, you just have to know where you are starting and where you want to end. You don't have to always know the answer of why..
    "I want to feel" is enough to tell me.. Your body and mind knows you best!
    Become your own best friend and trust your intuition. It is always right!
    xx Naomi