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  • Fresh Glowing Radiance

    Shifting the mood to radiant, Spring energy.
    We are new and different everyday, but especially in the transition of the Spring season, the season of growth and new life.
    Two things that are always guaranteed to shift my energy are exfoliation and scent.
    I absolutely love our body scrubs, they clear the old and reveal the new, both physically and emotionally.
    The Lemon Myrtle & Lime Oils in our Salt Scrub are so uplifting and refreshing, making this the perfect choice for transitioning to lift energy with the change of the season.
    This month is also the perfect time to remind everyone (including each other!) about the benefits of dry body brushing.
    This Spring enjoy fresh, glowing radiance!
    xx Naomi
  • Exciting News.. iKOU Founder Naomi Whitfeld announced as finalist in Telstra Women's Business Awards 2015!

    Exciting News… 
    I have just been announced in the Top 4 Finalists in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards for “Entrepreneur of the Year NSW 2015”!!

    I am so grateful to receive this honour, it has made me reflect back to where it all began in 2007 with a dream to create my own business, something based on everything I loved and believed in.
    To look back to when Paul and I took the leap of faith and left our jobs to follow our passion, and see how far we’ve come from those early days making products in our kitchen and home studio, makes me feel so proud and satisfied.
    I am so inspired watching the little seed we first planted, grow into a flourishing tree with our own iKOU Stores and seeing iKOU stocked in almost every leading Hotel and Day Spa in Australia.
    To know that our products encourage health and happiness and make a difference in the lives of others is the most rewarding part of all.
    Everytime I see our teams packing up deliveries I think about all the indulgent baths and rituals of rest and relaxation our products will be giving to people, and it makes me feel so good inside.
    Thank you so much to everyone for your support in my vision to make iKOU a much-loved and respected brand.
    We have so many amazing brand ambassadors, and we wouldn’t be here today without you.
    Also my fabulous team of 35 staff.. Thank you to all of you for your support, faith and hard work in keeping our culture thriving!
    I’m also so thankful for the people who encouraged me to see the Telstra Awards process through.
    I worked through many nights to complete the submissions while at the some time opening our two new Leura Stores, and then faced the panel judging while feeling really unwell and still suffering from concussion after my cycling accident.
    I found so much strength and determination in the encouragement of those around me, I’m so happy I’ve done your faith proud!
    The Telstra Business Womens Awards are on October 27th.
    Fingers crossed.. I’ll keep you posted!
    xx Naomi